Speed (1994) – Movie Review

Speed 1994If you’ve never seen Speed, I’ve no idea what you’ve been waiting for; and since you’re reading this right now, I command you to go and buy the DVD, or rent it, or do whatever it is you do and finally see this movie. Your life may not change, but Speed is as unique as it gets. Starring Keanu Reeves, the late Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, and Jeff Daniels, as well as few other well-known faces but unfamiliar names, Speed takes a premise we’ve never seen before and puts us on a really wild bus ride.

You see, the movie doesn’t start out like you thought it would with people getting on the bus and driving and then all of a sudden mysterious serial killer calling cops and a rescue operation. Instead, movie starts two days before that event and somewhat introduces us to the characters and circumstances surrounding this particular event. This is how we learn Keanu Reeves and Jeff Daniels work for L.A.P.D; that Jeff Daniels is a bomb expert, and Keanu is a great tactician. Dennis Hopper’s character, on the other hand, is cold and calculating, and I’d dare say resembles a Unabomber kind of persona; definitely one of the most evil characters ever simply because he’s willing to kill innocent people for something they have no control over. And this all happens inside an elevator shaft on 31st floor before we ever get to the famous bus drive.

The day after the next some people get on the bus, Keanu Reeves gets a phone call and things start happening. It’s a pretty fast-paced movie for the first hour. Second hour is a bit slower and none less exciting. Theme song plays a big role because it plays every time excitement picks up.

Speed is truly one of the most iconic and best action movie not just of the 90s but of all time due to its premise, plot, and execution. I give Speed 8/10.