Movie Blabs

BlabBlab is a new broadcasting app available on iOS, Android, and desktop that allows up to 4 people to discuss a certain topic, while at the same time offers a chat room for anyone who is watching the interaction. People can join in the conversation if there are seats available or if host allows for people to join.

I got on Blab second week of September 2015 and within the first three days had conversations with people who know things about what goes on behind the movie scenes. Embedding may be impossible at this point, but I will link to replays of the conversations which can be a bit longer than you may expect them to.

In this particular blab about martial arts, I was one of the first and few people that joined in and we talked about movies and martial arts until more people joined, especially Mr. Austin Goh who offered insight into life of Bruce Lee and the need for balance between the body and mind.

This was my first blab on the network, and the first blab I joined in. The blab covered the topic of movie studios and actors participating in marketing their own movies through social media and interaction with fans. It’s really quite good and we talked about How I Met Your Mother Sweepstakes as well as Robert Rodriguez’s Predators.


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