Do you need a movie suggestion?

Are there too many movies I wrote about? Are there too many movies coming out? Or maybe you just need a flick suggestion for you and your girl, or guy, or buddies to watch? Or maybe you need a movie marathon suggestion? Whatever the case maybe, contact me with your genres/actors preference and I will send you a movie suggestion customized to your personal preferences with a movie you may not have seen or in a long time for your best movie night, party, or a hangout. Just send me a direct message on Twitter or leave a comment below (the comments need to be approved before being published so if you leave your email address, I won’t make your request public, but will reply to you personally), and I will reply my suggestion or additional question(s) as I see fit. Just make sure you request a suggestion up to one week ahead of time you actually need it. Better to be safe than sorry, but I should reply within few hours of your request.


Let Your Voice be Heard

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