About Me

I’ve been watching movies and TV shows since I was a kid, and I have an opinion that probably differs from everybody else’s that I have a need to express. You may or may not like it, but it’s my page so feel free to read and voice an opinion in the comments. I watch a few new movies every month, so you can expect to see me review the best new movies I saw shortly after I see them. You can also expect me to review TV show(s) I watch regularly as as occasional web series I enjoy from time to time. I won’t be focusing much on gossip and/or rumors unless there’s a chance they may be confirmed (at least in my opinion) because I want to deal with facts. I won’t do LEAKED spoilers, but I will do occasional spoiler review as well as a non-spoiler review. Speculations are always welcome, and I’ll probably voice some of mine or comment about speculations of other people.


Let Your Voice be Heard

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