Oscar (1991) – Movie Review

Oscar (1991)I first saw this movie back in 90s and it’s always stayed with me in memory not only as a great movie, but also fun, entertaining, and a great mob movie, especially because it’s different from all the other mob movies which we’re so used to seeing, especially after you take a look at the cast. If you ever thought you’d see Sylvester Stallone as a mob boss in a movie, you were probably high, drunk, or dreaming – at least until you saw Oscar. Or at the very least until you see it.

Oscar is not an action movie. It’s a comedy that mimics the drama style of The Godfather, and that’s where all the similarities between the two movies end. Oscar was directed by John Landis who said he tried to create Chicago of 1930s and spoof it. That’s the same John Landis who directed The Blues Brothers (which is my favorite comedy of all time and review is coming soon), Coming to America, and Three Amigos among his other works.

Oscar opens with a version of Barber of Seville, a famous opera score, but only after we’re introduced to the main character Angelo Provolone played by Stallone, and the premise of the movie, which is a gangster promising his dying father that he will go straight.

After the opening, we see the movie progress to one month later and Provolone has no issues on keeping the promise he gave to his father, but it’s not an easy task. His staff is still packing, and the feds are still monitoring his every move. What turns the movie into exciting comedy it turns out to be is a device often used in heist movies and that is using same-color suitcases that are mistaken for each other.
There’s also another device that’s used in this movie that’s showcased early on in the movie (as well as in the trailer) that adds to overall comedy.

The movie is tied really well together with the soundtracks in the background throughout the movie, and Oskar overall will take you back in time, make you laugh, and make you wonder what’s going to happen next even though that gets pretty predictable every time there’s a ring at the door which is something the movie tries to hide to leave you guessing who’s at the door and how is that person going to add to the plot.

If you’re a fan of mob movies, comedies, or Stallone you will enjoy this movie. I give it a score of 8/10.


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